January 2006 Newsletter

2005 Summary

The Starfish Project raised a total of $ 32,906.00 for the year 2005. This money was raised through donations from our ever-increasing range of supporters and customers and the sale of t-shirts, bags and other goods at Starfish Bakery & Café.

In addition to monetary donations we collected a range of clothing, bedding, toiletries and other goods which were distributed to Project clients throughout the year. The money raised during the year of 2005 has enabled Starfish to assist 577 Cambodian people and their families in a broad range of areas, at an average cost of $ 57.00 per client.

In 2005 Starfish provided 452 people with access to, and funding for, emergency medical assistance. The assistance provided in this area included referrals to appropriate medical institutions, the provision of food support and transport, funds for medicine and medical tests and appropriate follow-up care.

In 2005 Starfish arranged for the establishment of 27 new businesses and built 98 new homes for Project clients and their families. 16 water wells were constructed in numerous small villages and communities, each well providing between 35-70 families with access to clean water.

The Project also provided food and nutritional support to pregnant women and mothers in prison, vital formula and vitamin support for clients with malnourished babies, referrals to rehabilitation and physiotherapy for clients with physical disabilities and access to proper medical care for clients with HIV.

Major surgeries facilitated by Starfish for clients in 2005 include the repair of a cleft lip for a four month old boy; skin grafting operations for an acid burn victim and for a client suffering from severe bedsores; a heart operation for a four year old girl; four operations for clients suffering from second degree burns; a leg amputation for a forty year old man; an operation to fit an eight year old boy with a colostomy bag; and the repair of intestinal problems for a three year old girl and urinary problems for a six year old boy.