Support Us

Due to the fact that the Starfish Bakery & Cafe funds all of the necessary overhead and administrative costs, we are able to put all donations and money raised directly towards helping our clients. Even small donations can make a huge difference in the life of a client and their family.

For instance:

You give We can give…
$5 One week’s supply of essential vitamins and minerals for nursing mothers, malnourished children, or recovering sick
$7 Transportation of materials to remote villages for housing projects
$8 One week’s supply of milk for a baby whose mother cannot breastfeed
$10 Materials such as mosquito nets, mats, and dishes to make six month hospital stay for comfortable for TB sufferers
$15 Medication to treat bronchitis, gastroenteritis, or gastric ulcers
$20 Leg amputation and after care, or seeds, materials, and fertilizer for planting vegetables
$25 A pair of prescription glasses
$30 Food, vitamins, and milk to support a nursing mother and her family for one week
$40 One pig, which after six months will be worth $100, or one chair for a haircutting business
$50 One bicycle to enable a child from a remote village to attend school
$70 Materials to start a business, e.g., fishing boat or equipment for fruit shake stall
$100 Transportation and food to enable a child to travel with parent and receive free treatment in Phnom Penh, or concrete rings to build a well, providing a constant supply of clean water
$150 Visit to Phnom Penh psychiatrist for client, or tin roof for one home
$170 One wheelchair
$300 One course of radiation therapy for cancer
$500 Life-saving emergency surgery and aftercare for removal of ruptured appendix after misdiagnosis
$700 Materials to build a strong wooden house with tin roof and cement pillars
$1000 House and land for one family