Easy Things You Can Do

Other Ways To Help

Many people have supported the Starfish Project in creative ways in the past, especially with fundraising once they have returned home. A few examples include a man who raced in a sponsored ocean rowing regatta with all funds going to our project. Or the friends who went back to their favorite pub in Belfast and organized a music and cabaret night auction, with all proceeds going to Starfish. One woman donates the profits she makes from selling her freelance photographs to a regional magazine. Others simply tell their friends and family to stop in if they come through Sihanoukville.

We are deeply appreciative of any efforts you make on our behalf. If you organize an event or fundraiser, let us know so we can send you information about the project and provide contact information as well. If you have any ideas you want to bounce off us, don’t hestitate to get in touch.

Here are some other easy things you can do to help the Starfish Project:

Pick up your trash (and other people’s) on the beach
You’re not just cleaning up the environment, but also teaching (by example) others who are enjoying the natural resources of Cambodia about responsible tourism.
Use your skills to get involved
We are always looking for people who may know how to address different projects. Maybe you can help make the difference between a good idea and a success story. Ask if there are any projects going on that match your skills or suggest a new one!
Eat a cookie
The Starfish Bakery Café acts as both a training center and permanent place of employment for disabled Cambodians. It also financially supports the Starfish Project. If you want to learn more about the Starfish Project, you can read the rest of the website or ask us at the caf�.
Buy a t-shirt or a bag
Our t-shirts cost $6 and our bags $5. All the profits from their sale go directly towards helping our clients.
Support businesses that support the Starfish Project
Let people who live and work here know that you appreciate their support for the Starfish Project. Donors and supporters are listed on our website.
Talk about it with friends
Tell people you meet traveling, and people you know back home about Starfish. Think about starting something in your own community.