Missions and Initiatives

Missions and Initiatives


Starfish’s objective is to provide “a hand up not a hand out” to its clients. Starfish meets this objective by providing its clients and their families with the means to gain self-sufficiency and independence through humanitarian assistance.

How we work and what we do

Starfish does not only offer financial support to its clients, but often information or a contact is enough for a family to improve a situation themselves. Our projects all have a beginning and an end in sight when we undertake them. We do not take on projects that require sustenance, or in other ways discourage our client’s independence. Assistance is given in many ways to ensure that initiated projects are locally viable and sustainable.

Starfish focuses its activities on:

  • Affordable quality health care
  • Secure home environment
  • Improving livelihoods through loans and grants
  • Water and sanitation
  • Support for women living with children in prison